Acenta to Tekna Upgrade

Documentation and video How-To for upgrading an Acenta Nissan Leaf into the Tekna spec.

Possible Upgrades:

  • Seats & Interior Trim (cloth to leather heated seats) [Investigated Incomplete]

    • MA - The documentation to do this for the seats has been generated with the wiring documented, the harness is not present on the Acenta car, so you would need to overlay your own one and tap into the existing fuses

  • 6.6 kW charger upgrade [Completed]

    • MA - Relatively easy to complete if you have experience working on HV systems.

  • Wing Mirrors (heated) [Not Completed]

    • MA - I would expect you will need to overlay the heated mirror harness and tap into the existing wiring for the 12V feed.

  • Bose stereo (speakers too?) [Not Completed]

    • MA - I would expect a harness overlay is needed for the subwoofer and for any additional speakers fitted. The head unit may need to be swapped as well and recoded to car.

  • 360 camera system

    • MA - Complete harness for camera system would be needed included the special wiring needed for cameras. It goes into the engine bay so it would be a very complex wiring job and would would need the head unit recoded or swapped.

[ Project Cancelled ]

MA Cancellation Notes: I started work on this at the end of 2019 and made some progress, including the charger swap and removal of the heated seat harness. I would have liked to have gone further, but as a family we decided it was time to look at moving house. I therefore had to wave goodbye to this project to clear out space for the move.

I would not advise anyone looks into doing a full swap of Tekna parts onto an Acenta car. The harnesses (wiring) are completely different between the cars, and it takes a lot of effort to teardown into the vehicle harness. For the circa £1000 cost difference, it is much easier and will end with a better result so sell the Acenta and buy a Tekna car.

Thanks for your interest in this work, and onwards to the next project.

Cheers - Mike