AcenTek Log

Stage 1 - Front End Teardown

The Leaf arrives and Mike crashes it again!

The tear-down begins, with removal of all the broken bits so the damage can be seen. Good bits and bad bits are highlighted and we can see A) the structural damage and B) that most of the harness is OK.

At this point Mike is still considering repairing this vehicle.

AcenTek Plan

A run through of the costs to repair the accident damaged car and why it is not viable to we are going to do Project AcenTek instead.

Here the main components that will be swapped are discussed. Most of the challenging work will be to wire it all up... and it is not clear if it is going to be easier to do a whole harness transplant...or to make overlay harnesses for the Tekna features.

Stage 2 - On Board Charger Swap

As Mike had little use for the up-rated 6.6 kW charger, it was offered on the Nissan Leaf Owners Facebook group to be fitted to Steph's Nissan Leaf.

For full details of the swap, click here

Stage 3 - Heated Seats

The heated seats are removed from the car and the required connections are identified for reuse in another car.

Project Close

A change in circumstance has prompted the early cancellation of AcenTek and we are moving onto new and exciting things