Morris is named after the "M" of MG (Morris Garages). Mike kicked of the hacking/reverse engineering effort in Jul 2020 after he picked up his ZS EV. If you spot BT20ABZ on the road, give it a wave!

Community Links

There are two communities actively supporting the current development work:

MGEVS Forum : For general guidance and showcasing work

Developer Slack Group: For immediate support, to discuss issues and for developer discussion

Note: The initial discourse group is no longer active and content is migrated here and to MGEVs.

Hardware related documentation for reverse engineering the ZS EV, such as the OBD port and the layout of the vehicle (CAN) Networks .

Information about the data seen on the CAN networks in the car, as well as reverse engineering the UDS communication to poll data from ECUs

Configuration of the OVMS application and other information to enable useful features and control the car..