Reverse Engineering the MG ZS EV

Project Morris is the reverse engineering and documentation of the CAN Networks and UDS data from the MG ZS EV.

One of the key outputs will be to control the cars function from an app on your phone, a greatly missed feature from UK and EU spec vehicles. We are working with OVMS hardware to achieve this.

This site showcases the work so far, and how anyone can get involved in this project.


Mike has led the work to start reverse engineering the ZS EV and helped developed early support for OVMS. There are two communities actively supporting the current development work:

MGEVS Forum : For general guidance and showcasing work

Developer Slack Group: For immediate support, to discuss issues and for developer discussion

Note: The initial discourse group is no longer active and content will migrate to either this site or to MGEVs.

Documentation found on the hardware of the ZS EV, such as the OBD port and the layout of the vehicle (CAN) Networks as reverse engineered by us.

Information about the data seen on the CAN networks, as well as reverse engineering the UDS communication to poll data from ECUs

Configuration of the OVMS application to enable useful features and control the car from Android and iOS devices.