The Smarter Electric Future


RES was founded by Mike Abbott in 2018 as a place to collect, document and share some interesting projects he is involved in.


RES works on various projects of interest, generally focused on Electrification Technologies, Battery Systems, and Networking



Located in Shropshire, with access across the West Midlands. Well placed to support the development of new electrified technologies across the rural landscape.


Many aspects of your life are electric; computers, phones, TVs, and the internet. So why should your car still be fuelled by the remains of dinosaurs? RES works closely with electrified vehicles and electric renewable technologies.

Strong background with electrified technologies and electric vehicles since using a 2011 Nissan LEAF on the (at the time free) Electric Highway.


Expertise in CAN (Controller Area Network), UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services), Ethernet and a broad range of other automotive protocols. Combined with experience of a range of smart home tools such as Home Assistant, Grafana, InfluxDB, MQTT and Node-RED.