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Thank you for your interest in my work. I love developing, creating, and sharing knowledge for everyone to use.

I would greatly appreciate any support you can give so that we can do more of this kind of work in the future.

Many thanks,

Mike & Family


These are one of the easiest ways you can help, and I will only refer companies I actually use and would vouch for:

Octopus Energy:

Brilliant customer service, and offer clever smart meter tariffs like Octopus Agile which changes price based on the national grid demand. This referal link will give us both £50 off our bills, it comes through as Teri as the account is in my wifes name.


VOXI is Vodafone Mobile but a lot cheaper, especially if you are a heavier user of social media and data. Its contracts are rolling monthly and offers unlimited calls and texts and lots of data. Data on social media is unlimited too. This referal will give us both £10 Amazon vouchers once you are 3 months in.

Vodafone Home Broadband:

I got fed up with BT when they started to hike the prices for no reason. Vodafone offer me the same speed and surprisingly good customer service when I have had an issue (once in 6 months but the whole village was affected too). The home hub is also reasonably good for most users. This referal gives us both a £25 Amazon gift card.


Revolut is a mobile banking app. This means you get a new debit card that you can top-up and use for things like paying for charging your electric card (good if you want to calculate your fuel savings separately to your family budget). It also offers much cheaper currency conversion as well as US based stocks and share trading which I use regularly. This referral changes in value and terms.

Fundraising & Social

If you can spare a penny and could support directly, please use the following channels:

Buy me a Beer (PayPal): <LINK>

Before 12:00 this will be used to procure coffee! Supporting me directly will mean I can put even more time and resource into this work.

Email / Social Media:

Please feel free to email me, like my content, share, subscribe/follow, and drop me comments. It all helps encourage me to work harder on the content you like best.... if things get big enough, maybe it might even be able to earn some money.


I am open to working together with the right partners and can reach a technical niche audience. Please get in touch directly to discuss possible opportunities.